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Irish Music Weddings

Uilleann Pipes, Flutes & Whistles, plus lots of FREE ADVICE...

Hello! My name is Ronan Browne and I play Irish music on the uilleann pipes, flutes and whistles.

I was the original piper with both Riverdance and the Afro Celt Sound System and have been performing music publicly since 1977 when I did my first concert at the tender age of 12!

I have played at select weddings over the last 25 years and I treat each and every one as a special and personal occasion. I delight in the sound of my instruments in a church or in a castle and I love to share that pleasure.

The melodies and the lovely old instruments I play create the perfect mood for a wedding ceremony

Please take a look around my www.irishmusicweddings.com site where you can listen to all the pieces of music being played and you can mix and match to your heart's content.

My music ranges from lively dance music to haunting slow airs many of which will be instantly recognisable.

With 25 years experience providing music for weddings, I can also help you book additional musicians in any combination you would like:

* Harp on its own or as duet with me
* Singer - Options: Traditional or Classic Church Singer
* Musicians to play a Session during the Champagne Reception
* Traditional Group to put on a concert of Irish Music & Singing
* Ballad group to get everyone going
* Dance Show

Please feel free to contact me just for general advice about your musical needs (you don’t have to make a booking) - I will be honoured to answer any and all of your questions

Possible Music Choices
Here is a rundown of the various sections in a typical church ceremony with some examples of the pieces which I think work very well in each section:

Processional Music
(As the bride walks up the aisle)

Planxty Power - Uilleann Pipes
Gabriel's Oboe - Uilleann Pipes
The Fort of the Fairy Queen
Tabhair Dom Do Láimh - Uilleann Pipes
The Castle of Dromore - Uilleann Pipes
Madame Maxwell

Lighting of individual Candles (very brief)
(Bride & Groom light a candle each, representing their single lives up until this point)

Sí Bheag Sí Mhór - Flute
Planxty Irwin

Lighting of unity candle (...& Applause!)
(Bride & Groom light a single candle to symbolise their future life together)

Sí Bheag Sí Mhór - Uilleann Pipes
Planxty Irwin - Uilleann Pipes
Contentment is Wealth - Flute

Offertory Procession
(Music played as the gifts are brought up from the back of the church)

Ag Críost an Síol - Uilleann Pipes

Sign of Peace
(Music for while the congregation are shaking hands with each other)

Tabhair Dom Do Láimh - Uilleann Pipes
Planxty Irwin - Uilleann Pipes

(Music as the congregation receives Holy Communion)

Black is the Colour - Tin Whistle
A Stór mo Chroí - Uilleann Pipes
The Mountains of Mourne - G Whistle
My Lagan Love - Uilleann Pipes
The Coolin - Uilleann Pipes

(Piece of music directly after the communion as the priest is “tidying up”)

Róisín Dubh
Limerick's Lamentation - Low Whistle

Signing of the Register
(Music here can be a little lighter in tone and feeling)

Haste to the Wedding - Uilleann Pipes
Danny Boy - Uilleann Pipes
Carolan's Concerto - Uilleann Pipes

Photographs on the Altar

Planxty Hewlett - Uilleann Pipes

Recessional Music
(Played as the Bride & Groom exit the church)

Mo Ghile Mear - Uilleann Pipes
Carolan's Concerto - Uilleann Pipes

A small scrap of trivia:

Uilleann is one of the most miss-spelled words I have ever come across: uilin, uillin, uilinn, ilin, oilin, oilean, illaun, illyin, illian…

So, if you are searching anywhere on the web it’s always worthwhile watching out for more funny spellings - please pass them on to me if you find any new ones!


I would like thank Ronan so much for his contribution to our special day. The support and time Ronan gave in the months before in choosing the music was greatly appreciated. Even when he didn't know one of the tunes, it didn't take him long to learn it and play it to perfection. I will never forget the moment I heard it standing in the porch with my dad waiting to make my entrance! Everyone commented on how beautiful the music was, a friend of mine even rang Ronan after the wedding to book him for her wedding next year. I can't wait for the DVD to arrive to listen to him again and again! I would certainly recommend Ronan to anyone not only for his musical talent but he is a true gentleman to deal with. Thanks so much Ronan it was perfect!
Caroline and Ollie

Hi Ronan, Thank you so much for playing so beautifully at the wedding, it was absolutely perfect in a way I dont even know how to describe. I really wish we had gotten the ceremony recorded so we could watch it all again and hear the music. Everbody enjoyed it and said how great it was to hear something different at a wedding. Take Care,
Moyra & Ross

Hi Ronan, We are about to head away for a few days, but I had to mail and send our sincerest thanks to you. The music was amazing, no exaggeration! Everybody commented on it, and all said that they had never heard anything like it at a wedding. It was truly moving; I get a bit weepy thinking about it! The 2 Bridemaids commented how you seemed to be always smiling! Wishing you the best, and our deepest heartfelt thanks,
Rita and Damian

Thank you very much again for you wonderful Music! When we asked our son what he liked best on our wedding day - guess what - he didn't say: "the cake" (and consider the amount of choclate in it...!). Oh no, he said: "Ronan"! (and you probably know how much chocolate means to kids!). Kind regards - and hopefully we meet again!
Katharina & Boris

Just a quick note to give praise to this guy, even though I didn't have him for my wedding as a friend of the family plays the uileann pipes I found ronan to be more than helpful in helping me with my music choice's for my wedding ceremony (wow) & listening to his pieces would love to have had him..missy09

I can honestly say the most memorable aspect of our wedding ceremony was Ronan Browne playing his uilleann pipes. We originally hired a wedding coordinator who said our dream of having the pipes at our small castle wedding would not be possible since the pipes would be too loud for a small ceremony site. Well, I fired the coordinator and contacted Ronan. He confirmed that the uilleann pipes would work out perfectly and he was such a help with choosing the music that it took away all my stress. Ronan was such a joy. He worked well with the Priest (Fr. Molloy) and the photographer to make the ceremony run smoothly and perfectly. Our guests loved his music and his personality. He was so much fun and the best entertainer we could have imagined for our wedding. Instead of doing a lot of readings, we chose to have more music in the ceremony and it could not have been better. I still get an excited feeling when I think back to the point when I was walking up the castle steps to enter the ceremony room; the sound of Ronan's music floating down the castle steps was nothing less than magical. What more could a bride ask for on her wedding day than the feeling of magic in the air? I would highly recommend Ronan to anyone wanting a memorable musical experience on their wedding.
Allison and Ben

Ronan is fantastic, an absolute joy to deal with. He played at our wedding in December last and really added to the whole occasion. His music really made the ceremony something special. The church was magical and afterwards at the drinks reception he kept everyone entertained with his mix of tunes. We would have no hesitation recommending Ronan to anyone. Guests of our wedding are still talking about him.
Dee and Paul

Ronan wasn't available for my wedding date however his help in finding another piper was second to none and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

My wife and I hired Ronan Browne to play at our wedding reception in September 2007, along with Kathleen Loughnane on the harp. Their performance on the night was nothing short of amazing. Both Ronan and Kathleen far exceeded our expectations, by not only commanding their highly expert music skills, but also in reaching the audience, instilling additional life and soul into the proceedings. Ronan and Kathleen created a magical and joyous atmosphere of celebration for the evening that had everyone dancing and touched the hearts of all there! I cannot recommend Ronan Browne highly enough. If you like irish trad music, or just want something a bit different from the standard wedding band, Ronan's musical skill is a must to make your wedding truly special.
Eoghan Quigley

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